Special Guests

The Bernborough Club has been fortunate to attract top quality guest speakers and entertainers over many years.  Some of the guests in recent years are listed here:

RACING: Peter Moody, Lee Freedman, Peter Snowden, John Messara, John Meagher, Jeff Lloyd, Glyn Schofield, Paul Messara, Bob Charley, Greg Miles, Greg Carpenter, Scott Seamer, Chris Munce, Steve Morley, Dr Elliott Forbes, Les Ross, Michael Freedman, Vin Cox, Tony McEvoy.

RUGBY LEAGUE: Wally Lewis, Alfie Langer, Wayne Bennett, Darryl Brohmann, John Grant, Barry Muir, Anthony Griffin, Bob McCarthy, Kevin Walters, Chris Anderson, Darius Boyd, Chris Close, Trevor Gillmeister, Steve Renouf, Bruno Cullen, Peter Nolan, Michael Hancock.

AFL: Leigh Matthews, Alistair Lynch, Simon Black, Justin Leppitsch .


RUGBY UNION: Ewan McKenzie, Mark Connors.

GOLF: Charlie Earp, Peter McWhinney

BASEBALL: David Nilsson.

COMEDIANS/ENTERTAINERS: Paul Martell, Peter Dee, Fred Lang, Des Dowling, Marty Fields Jnr, Greg Ritchie, Peter Berner.